Premium Resilient Flooring (PRF™) - 5mm

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Premium Resilient Flooring Solutions

Looking for the best vinyl flooring in Singapore? If you’re looking for innovative flooring that is both stylish and highly durable, you’ve come to the right place. Our resilient planks are the best in Singapore.

PRF (5mm)

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Where to Install Premium Resilient Vinyl Flooring?

Premium Resilient Vinyl Flooring is made with superior commercial grade quality. Hence it can be installed in commercial, industrial, hospitality, medical, and even pet stores and restaurants. 

As for your home flooring, NBL Premium Resilient Vinyl Flooring, with its versatile 100% waterproof, stain resistant, and scratch resistant features, can be installed in the following areas: 

About NBL Premium Resilient Flooring

NBL Premium Resilient Flooring (PRF)™ belongs to a group with higher quality than the family of traditional resilient and vinyl flooring which consists of vinyl flooring and rubberized flooring. This is due to its better specifications and its inherent material. PRF can be differentiated from Luxury Resilient Flooring as they possess an additional crystal ceramic beads coating, which makes it more scratch-resistant, and gives a slight sheen to it, resulting in a more sleek and pleasant appearance.

It is a strong substitute to traditional laminate flooring and wood parquet, due to its water-proof feature, and termite-free advantage, while preserving its wood-like finishing.

Besides having slip-resistant properties, the Premium Resilient Flooring has been tested for volatile organic compounds for good indoor quality. The flooring is also made from recycled wood, which means that wood that would otherwise be destroyed was given new life. Its tiles utilize the German UNICLIC technology that is a type of glue-less installation. As such, our flooring is considered eco-friendly due to the efficient use of resources and low toxicity. For this reason, it is becoming increasingly popular for both homes and businesses alike all across Singapore.

While there have been a lot of negative perceptions about vinyl flooring in the past regarding safety issues, you can now put all those worries away with Premium Resilient Vinyl Flooring - created from the most high end technologies and the end result of a user-centered product design, QA'd by stringent and recognised testing organisations worldwide.

In fact, this type of vinyl flooring is now regarded as one of the most ideal indoor flooring in Singapore with all the benefits it offers. 


Premium Resilient Flooring (PRF™) Features

1220mm x 181mm x 5.0mm/0.5mm Wear Layer

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