Premium Resilient Vinyl Flooring - The Best Kitchen Flooring

Kitchen area is one of the most used areas of the house. With that being said, choosing the correct flooring for the kitchen is very crucial. If you are are looking to replace the existing tile you have down on your kitchen floor your best option to go would be the our PRF!

INTRODUCING PREMIUM RESILIENT VINYL FLOORING (PRF available in 5mm and 7.5mm thickness!)

PRF 7.5mm in NBL 94 - Moccasin Brown

PRF 7.5mm in NBL 94 - Moccasin Brown

Recently, Vinyl Flooring has been a number 1 option for Singaporean homeowners for their BTOs (Build-To-Order) and Condominium. Our PRF is one of the most affordable flooring in the market with more durable materials compared to Laminate Flooring.

When it comes to easy and seamless installation, Vinyl flooring can save time and cost for homeowners. Moreover, with its 100% waterproof materials, it can be a great choice as it can last long. Our PRF interlocking Vinyl can be overlay on top of most of the existing flooring. Fret not! Our PRF has also been tested for its superior Stain Resistance materials among common household products such as Coffee, Cooking Oil, Wine etc. Kindly refer here for our full stain resistance report:

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Features, Usage and How to Maintain and Clean your NBL Wood Composite Decking

EvaLAST™ Teak

EvaLAST™ Teak

NBL EXPRESS | Eco Flooring Pte Ltd WPC decking is the optimum choice for all decking applications and installs as easily as traditional wood decking. The surface looks great with its natural wood appearance paired with minimal maintenance. We mix the natural fiber (bamboo/wood powder) with PE to form a strong, moisture-resistant composite – engineered to endure harsh weathers abuse of all sorts including rainstorms, rots, salt, sand as well as heavy traffic. This revolutionary solution allows you to just sit back and enjoy your deck as time goes by.

It is a safe, environmentally responsible alternative to traditional decks, conserving energy and resources. Not only does this save your time over the maintenance, but it will save you money as well.

ECO Flooring Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) Decking is a new, environmentally-friendly product which is made from the following:

·         Recycled Plastic

·         HDPE

·         Plant Fibres (bamboo & wood scraps powder)

Under Singapore brand names EvaLAST™ | EcoDECK™ | EasyDECK™, ECO Flooring Wood composite decking are extruded from the unique high pressure and temperature machine.

EvaLAST™ Walnut

EvaLAST™ Walnut

Because they contain natural fibres, ECO Flooring WPC decking not only has high degree of anti-UV and weather resistant, it is also highly resistant to moisture and termites, does not rot or crack and has outstanding color stability – meaning that the realistic wooden colours will last even if used for outdoors for a very long period.

Our WPC decking is a safe, environmentally responsible alternative new material which doesn’t need painting and glue for its special manufacturing technique and characters. The main materials bamboo/wood powder are scraps from decking factories and another material is recycled plastics. These bamboo/wood powder are brought from professional factories and the plastic raw material is the first level recycling plastic which is brought from appointed factory.

This method of reusing wastes is an evident endeavor to save the environment, saving lots of trees and contributing to prevent pollution by not using new plastics and cutting trees.

ECO Flooring always ensure client satisfaction hence we always purchase the good quality raw materials. Each decking piece is knot-free and consistent in size, color and length, therefore eliminating the search for the perfect piece.


✔ Looks and feels better than traditional timber

✔ 100% Waterproof, Anti Rot Composite Structure / Battens

✔ Quick and Easy to install

✔ Suitable for residential and commercial properties

✔ Highest non-slip coefficient rating

✔ Highly Stain / Weather / Scratch Resistant

✔ Nature-inspired and long-lasting colouration

✔ 2-4mm gap

✔ Stainless steel clips are Anti Rust / Anti - Corrosion

✔ Suitable for residential to commercial properties


Natural fibres (bamboo /wood powder) are mixed with HDPE to create a strong, moisture-resistant composite – engineered to endure harsh weather abuse of all sorts including rainstorms, sand and heavy traffic. ECO Flooring Wood Composite Decking also possesses some other superior characteristics such as keeping its shape, ability to resist crack, is fireproof, pest resistant and being easy to install with very minimal maintenance required.

EvaLAST™ Teak for Balcony

EvaLAST™ Teak for Balcony


ECO Flooring Wood Composite Decking is readily applicable for the following usage: outdoor balcony, pool decking, trails, stepping, fences (low rise), and even planter boxes. Unlike traditional untreated or treated wood decking and plastic decking, ECO Flooring WPC decking lasts about 20 more years longer (up to 50 years). The dimensional stability and longevity of this product make it a popular decking choice not only for balcony owners but also for contractors, interior designers, and architects.

Comparison to Wood

In terms of performance, ECO Flooring WPC decking does a lot of things that wood just cannot. One disadvantage of using wood is that when it absorbs water, it will begin to swell and then will shortly expand and contract especially along its width. This will be shortly followed by cracking, splitting and rotting. Eventually, all these flaws will ruin the structural integrity of the decking and thus will make the life span shorter. Whereas, ECO Flooring WPC decking only has a water absorption rate of 0.2% hence preventing all these problems.



Periodic cleaning of our WPC decking is suggested, even if it appears clean. It is important to prevent the build-up of pollen/debris that can cause mold. If unsure about the product being used to clean/remove stains from your deck, it is recommended that you test a small area in an inconspicuous place to determine if the product will cause any unwanted discoloration. Using a spray nozzle may use commercial pressure washers to remove stains, ground in dirt, or mold. Don not use steam nozzle. Use cold water and keep the spray nozzle at least one foot away from the deck. The use of a pressure washer with a greater than 1500 PSI and / or applied closer than 10 from the deck surface could damage the decking surface and result in a loss of warranty coverage.


Here are some of our recommended cleaning solutions:

Dirt or Debris

Clean the decking to remove dirt or debris by using soap, hot water and a stiff bristle.


Use conventional wood washes or cleaners that contain bleach and detergent

Chalk Markings

Scrubbing the area with hot soapy water with bleach may dislodge some of the chalk.

Rust Stains, Ground-In Dirt and Grime

Use a cleaning product containing oxalic or phosphoric acid base to lighten or remove the rust or dirt. Product may need to sit on stain10-15 minutes.

Oil and Grease Stains

Scrub in a household-degreasing agent as soon as the stain occurs. Rinse with hot water

Berries and Wine Stains

Mix bleach into hot water according to the bleach-packaging label. Scrub the stain lightly and rinse thoroughly. The stain may not disappear entirely.

Ink Stains

Inks may be permanent. However, scrubbing with hot soapy water may lighten the stain. Rinse thoroughly.



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Buying Smartly: Reputable Singapore Flooring Company Checklist

Buying Smartly: Reputable Singapore Flooring Company Checklist

While many of us immediately go to scrutinise flooring products from different companies price to price, specs to specs or colour to colour, many fail to understand that although material and price are important, it is equally crucial to get quality products from a “quality” company as well.

Premium Resilient Vinyl Flooring: Stain Resistance Test

Premium Resilient Vinyl Flooring: Stain Resistance Test

Premium Resilient Flooring (PRF™) by NBL EXPRESS is known to be highly stain resistant among common household products. This makes it a suitable flooring product for kitchen or dining installations. In fact, PRF™ has been installed in major hospitality projects such as Furama Riverfront Hotel and many other dining establishments.

To ensure high stain resistance, did you know that PRF™ went through a thorough process of experiments?



While there have been a lot of negative perceptions about vinyl flooring in the past regarding safety issues, you can now put all those worries away with Premium Resilient Vinyl Flooring - created from the most high end technologies and the end result of a user-centered product design, QA'd by stringent and recognised testing organisations worldwide.



From the same company that brings you the widely popular local Singapore brand, Premium Resilient Flooring (PRF), NBL Express is proud to introduce another breakthrough product – PRF 7.5.

PRF 7.5 is the more durable, better version of the PRF, with an additional underlayment that follows that contour of the flooring surface, thereby minimising subfloor imperfections.

Top 5 Considerations In Choosing A Pet-Friendly Flooring

Top 5 Considerations In Choosing A Pet-Friendly Flooring

Having pets at home requires a lot of considerations. Maintenance, for example, are just one of the drawbacks that hinder pet lovers to foster one or two furry friends at their own premise.  

There are some ways where you can keep maintenance low while make keeping a pet at your HDB flat. Our solution: find the best pet-friendly flooring!

Green Label Certified Flooring: What You Need to Know as a Consumer

Green Label Certified Flooring: What You Need to Know as a Consumer

NBL Express Premium Resilient Flooring is certified by Green Label Singapore. But what exactly does it mean to be certified under the Singapore Green Labeling Scheme? Learn more about the benefits of purchasing and using green label certified products to your health, the environment, and your children’s future.

What is Premium Resilient Flooring

What is Premium Resilient Flooring

Premium Resilient Flooring is the trendiest indoor flooring in Singapore. They do not only resemble real, luxurious look of wooden flooring but also the warm and comfortable feeling underfoot. This makes Premium Resilient Flooring a popular indoor flooring choice by homeowners, designers, and contractors. The fact that they can mimic real wood designs while eradicating the major disadvantages of natural wood flooring is a major consideration.

Here are some common hardwood and laminate flooring problems:

What is WPC Decking?

What is WPC Decking?

WPC Decking stands for Wood-Plastic Composite (WPC) Decking – decking from composite materials which are a combination of recycled wood fibres and thermoplastics.

Although Wood Plastic Composites Decking are typically synthetic, they offer more advantages than natural wooden decks mainly because of the following reasons:

How to Find The Best Vinyl Flooring In Singapore

How to Find The Best Vinyl Flooring In Singapore

When it comes to choosing the best vinyl flooring, there are many factors to consider. Vinyl flooring in  Singapore is just one of the many worthwhile investments you can give to your home.

EvaLAST and EcoDECK for your Outdoor Flooring Needs

EvaLAST and EcoDECK for your Outdoor Flooring Needs

NBL Express’ EvaLAST and EcoDECK has been installed in majority of Singapore home balconies. This comes as no surprise as both WPC outdoor decking materials offers many benefits as compared to traditional wood decking.

But did you know that you can also install EvaLAST and EcoDECK in areas other than your balconies?

Top 5 Tips in Choosing a Child Friendly Flooring

Top 5 Tips in Choosing a Child Friendly Flooring

Homeowners who have children at home need to consider a flooring that suits all of the family members’ needs and requirements, while not skimping on the design. This why Premium Resilient Flooring (PRF) is becoming more and more popular in Singapore due to the many benefits it offers especially being a child friendly flooring.

6 Benefits of Wood-Plastic Composite Decking That You Must Know

6 Benefits of Wood-Plastic Composite Decking That You Must Know

NBL Express supplies and installs EcoDeck and EvaLast Wood-Plastic Composite (WPC) Decking. Wood-Plastic Composites, as the name suggests, are made from combined thermoplastics with recycled wood flour or fiber. WPC decking is the recommended decking choice today due to the many benefits they bring to homeowners as compared to traditional wood decking. There are many benefits of using WPC decking, which are as follows: