What is WPC Decking?

What is WPC Decking

WPC Decking stands for Wood-Plastic Composite (WPC) Decking – decking from composite materials which are a combination of recycled wood fibres and thermoplastics.

The first form of wood plastic composites was introduced into the decking market in the early 1990s. Since then, manufacturers, suppliers, architects as well as the end users have referred to WPCs as the more environmentally-friendly and easier to maintain counterpart of natural wood decking or solid wood decking that are treated with preservatives.

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Although Wood Plastic Composites Decking are typically synthetic, they offer more advantages than natural wooden decks mainly because of the following reasons:

  • WPC Decking do not corrode
  • WPC Decking are highly resistant to rot and decay
  • WPC Decking have better workability and can be molded into naturally looking wood timber decks with real looking wood grains
  • WPC Decking are considered sustainable building materials as they are made from recycled plastics and waste products of the wood industry
  • WPC Decking have great durability and stability
  • WPC Decking are safe for use because they so not splinter or crack unlike traditional timber deck

Wood Plastic Composites are not only used in decking. Due to their huge popularity in the sustainable building materials category, a lot of building professionals are using WPC for railings, fencing, landscaping timbers, mouldings and trims, as well as indoor furniture.

WPC Decking installed at a balcony in Toh Payoh, Singapore

WPC Decking installed at a balcony in Toh Payoh, Singapore

In Singapore, the most widely utilised usage of Wood Plastic Composites is for outdoor flooring, owing to the rise of condominium properties with most requiring pool decking and more high-end units having their own balconies. While having a balcony extends a household’s living space, most homeowners are practically choosing balcony units because it increases their property’s real estate value.

While there a lot of WPC Decking suppliers in Singapore, it is important to ask for certifications and tests to ensure that their WPC Decking products are made according to recognised health and safety standards such as ISO. Besides this, among the top considerations for choosing the best WPC Decking are as follows:

  • Warranty Terms – typically 25 years and above for commercial WPC decking use
  • Installation Method – check whether the structure below the WPC decking is equally durable
  • Company’s Credibility – check for the company’s experience in handling small to large scale projects.

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