NBL Express had its humble beginnings in the year 2002, and is a professional flooring specialist that offers quality flooring services at affordable rates. Our business has grown over the years, with many satisfied customers having their homes transformed into pleasant and comfortable abodes.

Staffed by a group of highly dedicated people, we provide a variety of customizable options, ensuring that your needs are catered to. Our highly-acclaimed flooring styles exude a sense of elegance and creativity in their designs, while boasting simplicity and clarity, pleasant to the eyes. Our products are high-quality, slip-resistant, and utilize the state-of-the-art German interlocking technology, removing the need for the use of glue. As such, our flooring is eco-friendly, safe and healthy for your well-being. In essence, our creations reverberates through time, which ensures that every footprint comes with happiness and satisfaction as you walk. 

We are the supplier of:

-NBL Premium Resilient Vinyl Flooring Series (Since 2015) *ECO-Flooring Pte Ltd*
-NBL EcoDECK™ outdoor decking (Since 2014) *ECO-Flooring Pte Ltd*
-NBL EvaLAST™ outdoor decking (Since 2016) *ECO-Flooring Pte Ltd*
-NBL High Pressure Laminate Wood Flooring Series (Since 2008)

Whether you are looking for a cool or warm, rustic or modern look, we have a variety of colours available. Download our latest 2016 Online Catalogues to view the wide range of selections we offer.



If you have any questions, feel free to visit our FAQs PAGE or CONTACT US for a non-obligatory discussion. We will be happy to help you.