Useful Tips When Choosing Your Flooring.

INSTALLATION - Interlocking/patent click technology (100% glueless) is recommended in today's homes. Reinstatement/removal of flooring will be hassle free.

THICKNESS of the vinyl plank - At least 5mm, anything less will create hollowness and unlevelled ground if the overlay is too thin.

SIZE - Length & width of each floor plank, the smaller it is, chances of non-uniformity is higher, resulting in popping and cracking.

ECO FRIENDLY / ISO Certified Product - Is it virgin material, non toxic, formaldehyde emission E1 pass? 100% bacteria and termites free, yet 100% waterproof too.

WEAR LAYER - Thickness ranges from 0.3mm, 0.4mm, to 0.5mm. The thickest wear layer provides the best defence against scratches and peeling.

WARRANTY - Coverage from workmanship guarantee to material peel-off, pop-up, cracks and more.

TRACK RECORD - Bonus if the supplier has good track records on notable projects, good review & feedback to justify the final end product quality and workmanship

QUOTATION - All flooring suppliers be it any material from tiles, timber, parquet, vinyl..etc calculate area + wastage due to size of material to cut, finish off at edges & irregular shapes, thus final nett price comparison will give you the answer which is more value for money.

CONCLUSION - Your satisfaction is our priority. Our company will guide you through the whole floor replacement process.