Laminate floor's advantages include:

• Anti-slip
• Cushion effect which lessen the impact on fall
• Scratch resistant
• Warm nature wood feel during cold weather
• Easy to maintain as no polishing or vanishing required
• Able to fulfil different interior themes.

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The Best Laminate Wood Flooring in Singapore

All over Singapore, an increasing amount of people are turning to laminate wood for the flooring of their properties. And with the many advantages it has over other forms of flooring, it’s not hard to see why.

The benefits of laminate flooring

One of the main attractions to laminate flooring is that it is waterproof, meaning that it is not susceptible to stains if liquids are spilt on its surface. It is also resistant to scratches and does not require polishing or varnishing, making maintenance of laminate flooring much easier and more convenient when compared to other flooring. In addition to all of this it does not fade from exposure to sunlight, making laminate wood a long lasting flooring solution. As it is usually a less expensive option, laminate wood flooring also delivers more value for money by being more affordable while also offering greater longevity than other options.

Other benefits include the anti-slip nature of laminate wood, but for when accidents do occur the softer surface of laminate flooring provides a cushion effect that helps to lessen the impact of the fall. Moreover, it is quite versatile in its appearance, meaning that it is able to perfectly suit any interior space. The advantages of laminate wood flooring are truly endless, which is what has made them so popular for homes all across Singapore.

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