Premium Resilient Vinyl Flooring - The Best Kitchen Flooring

Kitchen area is one of the most used areas of the house. With that being said, choosing the correct flooring for the kitchen is very crucial. If you are are looking to replace the existing tile you have down on your kitchen floor your best option to go would be the our PRF!

INTRODUCING PREMIUM RESILIENT VINYL FLOORING (PRF available in 5mm and 7.5mm thickness!)

PRF 7.5mm in NBL 94 - Moccasin Brown

PRF 7.5mm in NBL 94 - Moccasin Brown

Recently, Vinyl Flooring has been a number 1 option for Singaporean homeowners for their BTOs (Build-To-Order) and Condominium. Our PRF is one of the most affordable flooring in the market with more durable materials compared to Laminate Flooring.

When it comes to easy and seamless installation, Vinyl flooring can save time and cost for homeowners. Moreover, with its 100% waterproof materials, it can be a great choice as it can last long. Our PRF interlocking Vinyl can be overlay on top of most of the existing flooring. Fret not! Our PRF has also been tested for its superior Stain Resistance materials among common household products such as Coffee, Cooking Oil, Wine etc. Kindly refer here for our full stain resistance report:

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