Buying Smartly: Reputable Singapore Flooring Company Checklist

NBL Premium Reisilient Vinyl Flooring @ St. Joseph's Institution International

NBL Premium Reisilient Vinyl Flooring @ St. Joseph's Institution International

While many of us immediately go to scrutinise flooring products from different companies price to price, specs to specs or colour to colour, many fail to understand that although material and price are important, it is equally crucial to get quality products from a “quality” company as well.

You maybe attracted to a very low price or perhaps you may easily be tempted to sign up after seeing “magic tricks” performed to you on the spot. But think: after 5 or 10 years when you notice several problems started showing up on your flooring – did you really save money by buying the cheaper product years ago? Will you be able to contact the company if it does not have an office or worse, if it’s not even registered in the first place?

Save yourself all these concerns and ask yourself if the company or person you’re looking to engage with meets ALL of the following criteria:

✔ The flooring company has quality products backed by legitimate and international standards test reports.

Internationally acclaimed test reports are no-nonsense documents that are taken seriously and stringently before the results are out. If you’re into the quality of the material, notice if the flooring company would be able to show you these test reports. If not, then maybe it’s time to move on to another one.

PRF 7.5: Premium Resilient Vinyl Flooring (~7.5mm)

PRF 7.5: Premium Resilient Vinyl Flooring (~7.5mm)

✔ The flooring company is a registered and licensed business in Singapore.

Quite obvious, but surprisingly, many people are easily blinded by promotions they see on social media and do not bother checking the credibility of the company.

NBL Warehouse @ Tuas

NBL Warehouse @ Tuas

✔ The flooring company has its own warehouse in Singapore to maintain stock availability.

So you’re getting excited to get your keys and have scheduled the flooring installation so that the rest of the renovation works can follow through smoothly. Just then, you were informed that your choice of colour is not available at that time. Would you sacrifice choosing another colour not to your liking just because the company cannot keep up with stocks inventory?

NBL Grand Showroom at 536 Balestier Road, Singapore 329861 (Call 6252 1910/ 6465 0429)

NBL Grand Showroom at 536 Balestier Road, Singapore 329861 (Call 6252 1910/ 6465 0429)

✔ The flooring company has its own physical showroom/s in Singapore.

As a customer, having an office or showroom to transact and understand all about flooring will give you a peace of mind i.e. you wouldn’t want to pay deposit for your flooring at a random meetup location right?

✔ The flooring company has its own team of In-house installers (not outsourced manpower) with valid work permits from the same company.

This will guarantee the quality of workmanship you’re getting and the ease of communication should any issues on site arise. Imagine having a problem months after the job is done and when you contact the flooring company, they will just say it’s not their problem because the installers are not their employees – headache right?

✔ A complete business organisation.

The flooring company should have a complete team of management, admin, accounts, marketing, operations and sales to maintain overall customer satisfaction and smooth operations.

✔ The flooring company its own Business Landline/s (Not using Handphone numbers for business or accounts transactions).

Green Label anf Bizsafe-01.png

✔ Member or Certified of/by Safety Organisations

The flooring company must been certified by BizSafe, BCA and other construction or safety governing institutions to ensue the safety of its workers at all times. 

✔ The flooring company has the initiative to be more environment-conscious and therefore must have reputable “green mark” certifications such as Green Label Singapore.

NBL & Eco Flooring MCST Projects

NBL & Eco Flooring MCST Projects

✔ The flooring company has a proven track record of flooring installations in not only residential projects but also commercial, offices, institutional, recreational, medical and especially government projects such as those tendered by HDB.

It looks good on portfolio yes, but there is also another reason why you should check a company’s track record: Most, if not all the time, big projects will require for certifications, specifications, risk assessment and other official documents that other smaller companies or companies with no credibility will find it difficult to furnish.

Need a vinyl flooring or decking contractor? Contact us now (and yes, we’ve checked all the above so you can have peace of mind with us). 😉