Top 5 Considerations In Choosing A Pet-Friendly Flooring

Top 5 Considerations In Choosing A Pet-Friendly Flooring

Having pets at home requires a lot of considerations. Maintenance, for example, is just one of the drawbacks that hinder pet lovers to foster one or two furry friends at their own premise.  

Another drawback is the type of pets allowed in HDB. You can find more of that information here:

While one must comply with the HDB requirements, fortunately, there are some ways where you can keep maintenance low while make keeping a pet at your HDB flat. Our solution: find the best pet-friendly flooring!

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Here are top 5 considerations for choosing the best pet-friendly flooring:

1.       Must be comfortable and no cold feeling

We know dogs and cats have a thick layer of fur. But against cold night weather, air conditioning, and common flooring options such as tiles and marbles – they easily feel cold and uncomfortable because of the hard flooring surface.

Choose a flooring that also feels comfortable for you when barefooted and your pet will love it too! Those with no cold and floating feel will be the best option. Among your best options are carpets and resilient vinyl flooring.

2.       Must be stain resistant

Stains are unavoidable when you keep pets at home. That’s why it’s important to install a highly stain resistant flooring. While carpets are highly comfortable, they are not an ideal choice when it comes to pet stains.

3.       Must be easy to clean and maintain

It’s a given that pets will create mess. To maximise your play time with them and quality time with your family, choose easy to maintain flooring – such that only requires regular sweeping and mopping. Unlike carpets which needs to be vacuumed and unlike hardwood flooring which is not anti-termite and not waterproof, resilient vinyl flooring is the best option.

A good tip to remember is to clean pet mess almost immediately to retain the natural texture and shine of your resilient vinyl flooring.

4.       Must be highly scratch resistant

Whether you keep cats or dogs in your HDB flat, the flooring will be prone to scratches. For this, laminate flooring and thin vinyl sheets (less than 5mm) are not your best option. NBL Premium Resilient Flooring has additional crystal ceramic beads coating that make it more resistant to play scratched made by your pets.  

5.       Must be durable and long-lasting

The best pet-friendly flooring is one that can keep up with you over many years without the need to change your flooring material. Choose a flooring that is highly durable and best, those with longer warranty from a reputable company.

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