EvaLAST and EcoDECK for your Outdoor Flooring Needs

NBL ExpressEvaLAST and EcoDECK has been installed in majority of Singapore home balconies. This comes as no surprise as both WPC outdoor decking materials offers many benefits as compared to traditional wood decking.

But did you know that you can also install EvaLAST and EcoDECK in areas other than your balconies? Besides providing aesthetic charm, outdoor decking also adds real estate value to your property. Here are other areas where you can install WPC Decking:

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1. Pool Area

EvaLAST and EcoDECK have the highest non-slip co-efficient rating and is 100% waterproof therefore making them the most ideal pool decking because other than providing safety, their rich colouration and refined textures also look great with water.

2. Gate / Partition Fencing


NBL’s Wood-Plastic Composite (WPC) Outdoor Decking is made of the highest quality grade, with 11 recycled HDPE composites. It is incredibly durable and lasts longer than traditional decking. Because of its durability, it can also be utilised for fencing. NBL Express has a team of skillful workers that work to ensure safety, quality, and aesthetics are all met.  

3. Planter Box and Benches


For those with the green thumb, WPC Outdoor Decking provides durable shelter for plants and they also enhance balconies’ appearance. While we normally see wooden planter boxes, homeowners do not need to worry about painting or varnishing because EvaLAST and EcoDECK do not rot.

4.  Structural Trellis

Who wouldn’t love to see trellis and pergolas in their backyards? While proving to be aesthetic features, these garden elements also have functional purposes such as growing plants and providing ample, dramatic shade from the sunlight. Look no further for the best material to build them with WPC Decking that have also been proven as weather resistant.

5. Segment of Landscaping


Fancy a mini romantic bridge in your garden or a koi pond? WPC proves to be the best choice because of its design and functional diversities.

6. Building Façade and Gates


WPC – EvaLAST and EcoDECK require less maintenance and will not crack, splinter, rot or warp unlike traditional wood decking. Being made for outdoor installation, they are also perfect to act as building façade cladding.

7. Bay Windows

Need a reading to nook by the window? It’s easy to turn one with WPC Decking! With installation being easier and more efficient as well as the chic outcome, it’s no question why most Singapore homeowners shift to WPC materials for their bay windows finishing.

8. Stairs and Ramps


NBL’s WPC decking are created with slip-resistant designs (e.g. grooves) and do not splinter like traditional wood decking, making them a safer choice for children, pets, elderly and for stairs and ramp construction.



NBL Express has a diverse and wide portfolio of hospitality, residential, and commercial decking projects – proving to be Singapore’s most reputable decking contractor.

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