Top 5 Tips in Choosing a Child Friendly Flooring

Top 5 Tips in Choosing a Child Friendly Flooring

Homeowners who have children at home need to consider a flooring that suits all of the family members’ needs and requirements, while not skimping on the design. This why Premium Resilient Flooring (PRF) is becoming more and more popular in Singapore due to the many benefits it offers especially being a child friendly flooring.

Here are top 5 tips in choosing a child-friendly flooring:

1.       SAFETY

This should be the prime consideration as the children’s safety should be the top consideration for choosing everything from food, clothes, toys, furniture to flooring. Is the flooring certified safe and is tested against harmful chemicals?

PRF by NL Express has been tested against toxic elements that can pose serious dangers to your child’s health.


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We all know how playful children are – and we certainly don’t want to limit their playfulness just because we don’t want them to scratch our floor with their toys!

Equipped with ceramic bead technology, PRF provides extra scratch resistance to your flooring surface and gives a light sheen to it, providing a more attractive surface for your child to play.



Premium Resilient Flooring (PRF) may realistically look like wood but it is much easier to maintain than your regular wood flooring! As it is 100% waterproof, PRF can be simply wiped or swept and mopped –so you can have more time with your kids!



Bring your children closer to nature as soon as they are young! PRF is certified by Green Label Singapore and has therefore met stringent standards for being an environmentally friendly flooring, proving it is also safe for use not only for kids but for adults as well.



Kids are energetic but they also get tired easily that’s why it is important to give them the most comfortable flooring. While conventional flooring types such as ceramic tiles and laminate flooring feels cold underfoot and has an undesirable “floating feel”, Premium Resilient Flooring (PRF) does not let off a cold feel so your kids will not feel uncomfortable while sleeping or lying on it.

Your children deserve the best of everything, including your choice of flooring. With Premium Resilient Vinyl (PRF) Vinyl Flooring by NBL Express, the whole family will also get to experience the best.

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Premium Resilient Flooring: Feels good on your feet, feels safe in your heart.