7 Differences – Wood Laminate Flooring vs. Vinyl Flooring

7 Differences – Wood Laminate Flooring vs. Premium Resilient Flooring


If you have always wondered what the differences are between wood laminate flooring and Premium Resilient Flooring (PRF™), this comparison guide will reveal the basic differences to you, and help you make more informed choices when choosing a new flooring for your home.

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1. Material

Laminate Flooring: Usually made of recycled wood, it comes with problems such as mildew, decay, and termites. Hence, it usually has a shorter lifespan than vinyl flooring. A layer of computer-generated wood-grain detail lays underneath a transparent wear layer on the surface of wood laminate planks.

Premium Resilient Flooring (PRF™): It realistically mimics the appearance of real wood without actually using wood. Made of PVC plastic material, it will not experience the usual problems associated with wood flooring. They are more durable and easy to maintain, as they are waterproof. As such, vinyl flooring is usually recommended due to their higher durability and longer lifespan.

2. Water Resistance

Laminate Flooring: Fairly moisture-resistant, if planks are secured firmly. However, constant exposure to water may cause the planks to be swollen and warp over time. As such, it is not water-resistant and is especially not recommended for bathrooms or kitchens.


Premium Resilient Flooring (PRF™): Vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof, as long as the planks are installed properly. Hence, it is a popular choice in households with pets and children. Being 100% Waterproof, vinyl flooring is also easier to maintain and clean than wood laminate flooring

3. Thickness

Laminate Flooring: Usually ranges from 6mm to 12mm.

Resilient Flooring: Usually ranges from 3mm to 5mm. Premium Resilient Flooring (PRF™) has an additional cystal beads wear layer making it thicker than average vinyl flooring. 

4. Cost and warranty

Laminate flooring: Usually cheaper than vinyl flooring. However, laminate flooring may be harder to maintain and may incur maintenance and repair costs in the long run. Warranty is usually 5 years and below.


Premium Resilient Flooring (PRF™): More expensive than laminate flooring, but also more long-lasting than laminate flooring. There is value for money in the long run. Warranty can be as long as 10-15 years. Premium Resilient Flooring offers lifetime warranty, making it the most practical flooring solution. 

5. Scratch-resistance

Laminate Flooring: Laminate flooring has a transparent wear layer on its surface to protect it from scratches.

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Premium Resilient Flooring (PRF™): Newer types of vinyl flooring such as the Premium Resilient Flooring (PRF™) has an additional ceramic beads coating above the wear layer, making it much more resistant to scratches. These types of flooring can be used in gyms and high-traffic areas such as schools, offices, and commercial buildings.

6. Termite-proof properties


Laminate Flooring: May attract termites in the long run. It is possible for termites to chew a tunnel through the planks, resulting in lose tiles similar to the damage done by prolonged water exposure.

Premium Resilient Flooring (PRF™): 100% termite-proof, since it does not contain any elements of wood.

7. Sound

Laminate Flooring: When walking on laminate flooring, there is a higher level of noise produced because it is not entirely solid core material.

Premium Resilient Flooring (PRF™)Produces less noise when walked on due to the solid core structure. However, some vinyl flooring may not be 100% virgin material. You may check with your supplier for this information.


Conclusion: While laminate flooring is generally cheaper than vinyl flooring, the latter has the added benefits of being waterproof. This is one important aspect to most homeowners today, as waterproof flooring means that it will be more long-lasting, and thus value for money. As such, vinyl flooring is usually recommended over wood laminate flooring.

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